Alea III plays a Third Stream Composition

Last year, the contemporary classical music ensemble Alea III performed the première of my composition Viola palustris. It would be fair to speak of Third Stream Music, since the piece is a concerto for a jazz soloist and a classical music ensemble.

Watch on youtube: Third Stream Music - Viola palustris by Alea III

Alea III, dedicated to new music

Alea III is giving his Young Composers' Workshop Concert this Wednesday, January 27th, at 7:30pm in TSAI performance center, in Boston. The exciting program includes new music by the following composers:

If you are a composer, make sure you check the Alea III's composition competition (you may submit an application until March 15).

composition Third Stream jazz classical concerto
Viola palustris: the first page of the section with the triangle ostinato


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