My dissertation committee

On December 7th, my dissertation committee was approved during the Music Department's faculty meeting. The dissertation is the most important part of the doctoral program at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I am honored by the four composers who accepted to serve as readers of my dissertation. Let me briefly introduce them:

  • Hans Tutschku He is a composition professor and the director of the Huseac Studios. He has been my advisor during my graduate studies at Harvard, and he was the first person I went to learn electronic music with.
  • Chaya Czernowin She has been a composition professor at Harvard since September of 2009. I also worked with her during my first semester here, when she was a visiting professor.
  • bleu 3 quatuor Messiaen
    An excerpt from Bleu 3, a quatuor for clarinet, violin, cello and piano.
    Bleu 3 will constitute a chapter of my dissertation.

  • Michael Gandolfi Chair of the New England Conservatory's composition department, he was a guest professor in 2008-2009 at Harvard. I appreciated very much his open-minded approach to teaching composition and his passion for traditional orchestration.
  • Gunther SchullerA visiting professor at Harvard during my 4th semester, he is a true music lover. He is very enthusiastic with young musicians and creators, and really helped me during my years in Cambridge.


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