18/60 - True Night

18/60 True Night score
The manuscript I scribbled while recording.

In the Fall, I was a teaching fellow for Robert Levin. On Friday, September 18th, 2009, he gave a lively lecture during which he shared his passion for Mozart's music. After the lecture, I booked the Huseac's recording studio, and produced this minute of music. As you will hear, it is bathed in a quite Mozartesque spirit.

Keith Jarrett CD Carnegie Hall

18th minute of 60/60, True Night was also inspired by the gift I received: Keith Jarrett's Carnegie Hall Concert. Keith Jarrett is certainly the most interesting composer of piano music in the recent decades. The title True Night comes from his True Blues, and from the fact that I made a direct recording of both Bb clarinet and live electronics during the night. Thanks to Bénédicte, the participant to whom this minute of music is dedicated.

Download or listen to 18/60 - True Night on last.fm.

You can still participate in this composition project: choose a present, I will compose & dedicate a minute of music to you!


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