17/60 - IM

Many thanks to Ronan, who takes part in the 60/60 composition project with a great book on Afro-Cuban Percussion. I have always been keen on learning more in the vast percussion world, and this volume is an excellent introduction to an important rhythmic tradition. Of course, you really learn by playing with other percussionists, but it's interesting to read the author tell the story of what and how he learnt.

the essence of afro cuban percussion and drum set

I dedicate IM, the 17th minute of 60/60, to Ronan. As you will hear, this minute of music retains the rhythmical orientation of the gift. You may also recognize influences linked to the personal story of the participant (hard work, house door... don't hesitate to invent your own story!)

Listen to this new minute, as well as the previous ones, on last.fm - or download the sound files:

17/60 - IM on last.fm

License Creative Commons by-nc-sa


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