Harvard Group for New Music Concert starring flutist Mario Caroli

Mario Caroli has been in Cambridge since Sunday, and we are in the middle of rehearsals to prepare this concert:

Saturday, May 24th, 2008 - 8 p.m.
Paine Hall - Harvard Music Department

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You will hear new music for flute, or flute and electronic music:

Premiere of Live Saturation

I finished the program notes yesterday evening:

Live Saturation is a musical setting of Ruth Lepson’s poem Saturation (published in the literary review "Carve – poems" in August 2006.)
Ruth Lepson is a poet & poet-in-residence at the New England Conservatory. We met during the summer of 2007, and performed together for the launch party of the book Morphology (co-authored by photographer Walter Crump.)
On January 9th, we recorded Ruth's poem in the Huseac studio. Thank you Ruth for letting me record and remix your words!
I met Mario Caroli in Strasbourg, where I studied before moving to Cambridge. We recorded samples for Live Saturation on October 30th, 2007. Thank you Mario for letting me record and remix your music!

Live Saturation is part of 60/60, a web-based interactive composition project. The first minute of the electronic music is dedicated to the project participant Katherine Lee, the next four minutes to Brigitte Urien. Thank you for your inspirational support!
I invite you to join the creation of 60/60 on http://www.jeanfrancoischarles.com, ou à discuter en français sur http://www.jeanfrancoischarles.fr.
Listen to and read more of Ruth's words on http://www.ruthlepson.org.

Contest: win Morphology!
The last two verses of Ruth Lepson's poem are:
I love
Arthur Dove

In my sonic work, Ruth doesn't speak these words. Be the first to find out how these two verses are suggested! The prize is Ruth Lepson and Walter Crump's recent book. Hint: you are looking for two references, one for "I love", another for "Arthur Dove". Good luck!

In a couple days, I will release the samples of the Mario Caroli Drum Kit. Stay tuned!


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