Helianthus musca - Thank you Helmut Lachenmann

Centre Acanthes Helmut Lachenmann

This Spring 2008, Helmut Lachenmann was the Fromm Visiting Professor at Harvard.

We met for the first time in 1999, when I was a student at Centre Acanthes. My piece Helianthus musca was selected for the final concert, and premièred by the Orchestre Lyrique de Région Avignon Provence (OLRAP) conducted by Sylvio Gualda.

Here at Harvard, Herr Lachenmann has been a great professor, as generous during his seminars as during private lessons/discussions.
It was fun to listen again to Helianthus musca with him. Here is the original recording from July 22nd, 1999 (click play, or listen to it on last.fm):

You will surely guess which instruments play Helianthus, and which ones play musca...

Check also Helmut Lachenmann in April 2008.


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