Mario Caroli Drum Kit - Download the Samples!

Mario Caroli is a great flute player, a real virtuoso as well as a very enthusiastic musician. He authorized me to publish 25 flute samples on the Freesound Project, a collaborative database of sounds.

Listen to and download the Mario Caroli Drum Kit.

Each sound is unprocessed, as naturally played by Mario. As I described in a post about the recording session, this set of samples has been modeled after Logic Pro's "Classic Hip-Hop Remix Drum Kit", available in the drum machine Ultrabeat.


5/60 - Cell 2

A 6-second ringtone made with these samples. You can hear it around the end of Saturation. Hit play:

Or listen to it on 5/60 - Cell 2.

These flute samples are made available under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License: use them, and let us know about the music you produce!


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