Double bell trumpets

Double-bell trumpets have a long history, dating back to the 18th century. I've been interested in this instrument for a while, until I decided to use it in a composition. I'll let you know more about this new piece soon...

Musical examples

Herb Alpert playing It's Only a Paper Moon:

In the United States, the double bell trumpet may be called a Shewhorn, at least when you are talking about Bobby Shew's horn:

More recently, Matthias Höfs creates a piece with extended symphony orchestra:

Trumpeter Marco Blaauw performs the music of Georg Friedrich Haas:

Below, Marco Blaauw presents his instrument: not only a double-bell, but also a quarter-tone trumpet.

P.S.: on this page about the history of brass instruments during the romantic period, you will see a picture of Adolphe Sax's 7-bell instrument!


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