New Musical Instruments Concert

Coming up on Friday: New Musical Instruments Concert with special guest Andrew Bentley, Professor of Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki University. This will be Concert #10 in the Center for New Music Season. Event takes place at 7:30 p.m. in the Voxman Recital Hall, University of Iowa.


One of the projects the students worked on consisted in building a synth using a glass jar. Here is a preview of the instruments in their October version:

Electroclarinet 4

Among the new pieces, we are going to perform my composition Electroclarinet 4, for Eb clarinet & analog synthesizer. The synthesizer is akin to a non-input mixer, made with guitar pedals. Andrew Bentley will be performing on this instrument. The circuit includes several levels of feedback:


  • Metal Choir (collective installation)
  • Electroclarinet 4 (Jean-François Charles)
  • Focus (Andrew Novitskiy)
  • Synths-in-Bottles (collective creation)
  • Songs of Tomorrow (Mauricio Da Silva)
  • Impressions (Alexander Toth)
  • Lineation-Transmutation (Joseph Norman)
  • Tape Piece (Andrew Bentley)
  • New Instruments Medley (collective creation) featuring nuages, pills, a Seachord, stompboxes, a decomposition video, an upcycled guitar pickup, and Andrew Bentley's LED true-digital synthesizer.


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