Basset horn & live electronics: Electroclarinet 3

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During my guest talk on Music & digital art, I premièred Electroclarinet 3, a new composition for basset horn & live sound processing.

electroclarinet 3 manuscript

The piece is an homage to Carl Maria von Weber, who composed lots of great music for clarinet. The theme, which manuscript you can see above, was inspired by the theme from Weber's Opus 33 (7 variations for clarinet & piano).
At a larger scale, the form draws on Weber's composition as well:

  • Theme
  • Four parts corresponding to the Variation III (Adagio) of the Opus 33
  • Coda referencing the Opus 33's final seven measures

I couldn't resist including a "WEBER" series of notes:

  • W  Mi / E
  • E   Mi bémol / Eb
  • B   Si bémol / Bb
  • E   Mi bémol / Eb
  • R   Ré / D

In the coda, these notes are transposed for the basset-horn:

electroclarinet 3 coda


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