Sound & digital art: guest talk

This Thursday, February 17th, I'm talking in the Cafés numériques (digital cafés) series. My talk is entitled Le son et l'art numérique (sound & digital art - link to more information on the series)

I'm focusing on two topics:

What does it mean to talk about digital sound and analog sound?

  • what sound is
  • short history of audio recording technology
  • LP record versus CD
  • why artists today (like Jay-Z & Kanye West) are still recording & mixing with analog gear in studios such as Peter Gabriel's great place
  • advantages of digital technology... including the fact that almost anybody can play with sounds today!
record groove
Inside a LP record groove: picture by Chris Supranowitz

Do we compose differently with digital technology?

Well, I'm answering the question in a very applied way: as part of the talk, I'm performing the première of Electroclarinet 3, a new composition for basset-horn & live electronics.


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