Harvard Music Library in the news

This is the untold story of this week's New York Times article on the International Music Score Library Project. It features a prominent picture of the IMSLP founder, with the following caption: Edward W. Guo's online repository of free, downloadable music works has grown to 85,000 scores, with additions every month.

guo harvard music library

But what the journalists don't mention is that Mr. Guo was photographed in another beautiful score library: the Harvard Music Department's Loeb Music Library. And today, there are still more music scores in this library than in the IMSL (more than 168,000).

The IMSL is very useful to find public domain scores. But make sure you visit Harvard's Digital Scores & Libretti: you will find treasures there.

An excerpt of Mozart's Magic Flute overture.

To get the news on newly digitized scores, read the Loeb Music Library's blog...


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