Time to dance

On Thursday, I took my first ballet class in France. After my recent composition for dancing clarinetist, electric guitar, and electronic music, I'm eager to continue and learn more in the art of movement.

José Mateo Ballet Theater: a great ballet school

But let me praise the dance school I left in June. In case you live in the Cambridge/Boston area, I encourage you to check out the José Mateo Ballet School. On January 2nd of this year, I dared push the door and take an adult class. It turned out to be a great new year's resolution. I met with awesome dancers & students, and I was lucky to work with two amazing teachers.

Jose Mateo Ballet School 2010
One of the beautiful studios, shot by Susan Young, July 2010.

First, I must thank Cosmin Marculetiu. Trained in Romania, I guess he inherited a lot from the Russian tradition; he made me discover the masculine nature that I didn't know in ballet. He loves having men in his classes, and he created course reserved to young boys. Thanks Cosmin for accepting me in the class, and for giving me homework, that was decisive!

Second, I must highly recommend Mary Thompson’s class as well. She is the queen of adagios. She choreographs truly exquisite and delicate combinations. I understand her work is close to Balanchine's style.

These two teachers complement each other perfectly. They make a great team. If you can work with them, seize the opportunity!


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