My first ballet class

As you may know, I've been interested in the relations between music and dance for a few years. My interest started maybe with the study of Karlheinz Stockhausen's operas and compositions for moving musicians. When I took part in the Stockhausen courses in the summer of 2001, I attended Markus Stockhausen's yoga introduction, every day at 7am. That was quite a fun experience, and I remember that composer Flo Menezes attended, too.

It took me time before I dare try ballet: I took my first beginning class at the Harvard Dance Center in February 2009. My teacher was Margot Parsons, whose first words to me were "Left hand on the barre"!

The Harvard Dance Center's nice Studio 1, in concert configuration.

Margot Parsons co-founded the Dance Visions company; you can watch her interview on To the pointe TV. Thank you Margot for accepting me and teaching me the basics of what a ballet class is!


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