Acquainted with the night - 5 new compositions!

Acquainted with the Night Dudley House

Composer, conductor, pianist, and music educator Bert Van Herck is a colleague of mine at Harvard Dudley House, where he is the musical director of the classical orchestra. He conceived the "Acquainted with the night" project:

Acquainted with the Night
Thursday, March 4th, 2010, 8 pm
Dudley House Common Room
Free admission

In an experiment of collaboration and improvisation, each of the Dudley Music Fellows composed a song on the same text by Robert Frost.

Five world premières in one concert!

You will hear Robert Frost's poem Acquainted with the Night, in new musical versions by:

  • Behtash & Mehrtash Babadi (saroud, tanbour & recitation)
  • Jean-François Charles (voice, basset-horn & live electronics)
  • Bert Van Herck (voice, piano & basset-horn)
  • Gabriele Vanoni (voice & piano)
  • Jan Kennard (voice & piano)


  • Michael Barrett, voice
  • Anney Gillotte, voice
  • Maryam Vaziri, voice
  • Miriam Conti, piano
  • Mehrtash Babadi, tanbour
  • Behtash Babadi, saroud
  • J-F Charles, basset-horn


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