You need Max, but not all the time

During the electroacoustic music week at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, each of the invited Prisma composers gave a talk to present his current research. I spoke in the afternoon of October 20th in the conservatory's Golden Hall.

After an introduction to spectral domain sound processing with Max, I presented alternatives for artists to create music with interactive electronics.

Why you need Cycling74's Max

Jean-Francois Charles spectrogram Shanghai
Listening to the sound, and looking at it, too.

Jean-Francois Charles Golden Hall Shanghai Conservatory
On the right side, a glimpse of the beautiful sound system Sa Majesté Le Son.

Jean-Francois Charles sonogram transients Max MSP
Real-time transient analysis.

You don't always need Max

Jean-Francois Charles Live Electronics
Live electronics alternatives to Max/MSP/Jitter if you mostly want to trigger sound files include: Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro's environment, or Meyer Sound's Matrix 3.

Jean-Francois Charles Live Electronics
A few among many Max/MSP alternatives for interactive sound processes: PD (Pure Data), Reaktor, Max for Live, Kyma

Jean-Francois Charles Steve Vai Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A few words on the piece I was going to perform in the evening: Electroclarinet 1.

Jean-Francois Charles interactive electronic music
The first interactive process used in Electroclarinet 1.

Thanks to the photographer and to the organization of the festival, who sent me the pictures!


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