Viola palustris - Premiere with Alea III

Alea III 2008 2009 poster

I'm happy to invite you to the premiere of Viola palustris, my most recent composition. It is a concerto for an improviser and 14 instruments. Alan Lenarcic is playing the solo part with the ensemble Alea III.

Monday, March 23, 8 p.m.
Tsai Performance Center - 685 Commonwealth Avenue
Free admission

The concert features new works for large ensemble by talented young composers from around the world: Brian Buch (USA), Jean-Francois Charles (France), Phivos-Angelos Kollias (Greece), Mary Montgomery Koppel (USA), Michael Maganuco (USA), John Muniz (USA), Ilias Nikolaidis (Greece), Tolga Tüzün (Turkey).
The conductor is Theodore Antoniou.

Program notes

I finished writing the program notes last week. Here they are:

Viola palustris was inspired by the Alpine Marsh Violet, a perennial forb of the genus Viola. This flower inhabits moist meadows and marshes. It is the feast of the Fritillary butterfly.
Viola palustris is a concerto for an improviser with a 14-instrument ensemble. Tonight's performance features Alan Lenarcic on tenor saxophone. I have played with Alan for several projects, including a live performance of a 70-minute score to the movie "The Man with the Movie Camera". I am thrilled to work again with him on this creation.
Viola palustris is dedicated to Gunther Schuller.

viola palustris score jean-francois charles

First page of the score

Open Rehearsals

Come to hear and see how this new music is prepared for performance:

  • Friday 3/20, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm (Viola palustris at some point between 11:30 and 1:30)
    Room 171, 855 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Saturday 3/21, 3:00 – 8:00 pm
    Room 167, 855 Commonwealth Avenue


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