A Third Stream dinner

Gunther Schuller, Theodore Antoniou, Alan Lenarcic
Gunther Schuller, Theodore Antoniou, and Alan Lenarcic after the première of Viola palustris.

On Monday, March 23rd, Alea III performed my most recent composition, Viola palustris, in its "Composers' Workshop" concert (see announcement). After the concert, the conductor Theodore Antoniou invited all the composers to dinner. That was great to spend some time with this authentic music lover.

Gunther Schuller was excited about the piece and about the soloist Alan Lenarcic's playing. The first thing he told me was: "C'est une vraie composition du Troisième Courant!" ("It's a true Third Stream composition!") Then, he talked a lot with Alan about improvisation and saxophone players. Notably, he defended Charlie Parker's album Charlie Parker with Strings (result: I just ordered the CD).

Thank you Alan Lenarcic, Gunther Schuller, and Theodore Antoniou, for your enthusiasm for music!


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