Audio Freeze - From Melody to Harmony

On my August 2008 post entitled A Free Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter, Alex asked: "I was wondering if you also put "Melody to Harmony" patch on line".

Good news, the patch is online! It is called 6-melody-to-harmony and free to download on this page: Jean-François Charles' Max MSP Jitter patches (link updated 01/12/2010).

A multiple freeze

With this patch, you can freeze a note, then add other notes, thus creating a frozen chord. There is no limit on the number of notes that you can freeze: it doesn't take more resources to freeze 100 notes than 2. By freezing successive notes of a melody, you transform it into harmony, in real time.
This patch uses the Max MSP FFT capabilities, while spectral data is stored and computed within Jitter matrices.

Max 4 version of the patch?

Antonio commented "pity some patches are for version 5 only" ; that's right, some of the most recent patches are only compatible with Max 5 and later. For this "melody to harmony" patch, you can click and enlarge the picture below. You will see the whole patch and the [pfft~] sub-patch. You can make a new Max 4 patch by patching the objects you see in the image. All are standard objects are available in Max/MSP 4.6 and Jitter. Nothing is hidden. The black rectangles are [jit.pwindow] objects.

Max MSP Jitter patch melody to harmony FFT
This is the Max 5 version. You can build a Max 4 patch from this picture.


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