12/60 - Play Along 2 - Quarter Tones and Swing

score clarinet duet score clarinet duo

This study could be a first introduction to microtones for clarinet students. It's a playful short etude dedicated to Lionel Liebe, a former clarinet student of mine who took part to 60/60. Have fun with the quarter tones (and no, you don't need a quarter tone clarinet to play this tune)!

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Performers are Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm. They recorded several albums. Online, you can get Pierluigi Billone: 1+1=1Stump Linshalm Billone CD cover

More clarinet quarter tones

For advanced students, a great clarinet solo with quarter tones is If by Pascal Dusapin. I was lucky to learn it with Armand Angster at Conservatoire de Strasbourg. I highly recommend to meet and learn from him!


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