Dudley House Jazz Bands - Concert!

Since September 2007, I have been leading the Dudley House Jazz Bands at Harvard University. I am a so-called "Dudley Fellow", and my exciting job includes leading a full Big Band, taking care of a smaller and freer Improvisation Workshop, and organizing the concerts.

You are invited to our winter concert: Wednesday, February 20th at Dudley House, 8:45 p.m. Free.

Public rehearsal

On December 12th, 2007, Nathan (bass) brought a recorder to the rehearsal. Hit the button "play" to hear Chant Bien Fatal by Maurice Merle.

You are listening to:

  • Michael Heller, alto sax
  • Alan Lenarcic, tenor sax
  • Jean-François Charles, contrabass clarinet
  • Nathan Fosse, piano
  • Nathan Haselby, upright bass
  • Dan Jeffs, drums

Program of the concert

  • Big Band
  • Combo
    • Moving Parts (Ethan Fenn, world premiere)
  • Improvisation Workshop
    • Xiao-Li Meng (Alan Lenarcic, world premiere)
    • Chant Bien Fatal (Maurice Merle)
    • Strange Days Follow Victories (Michael Heller, world premiere)
  • Big Band
    • Exaltation / Religious Experience / Major (Carl Ruggles / Carla Bley)
    • It's Oh So Quiet (Lang & Reisfeld)
    • Dedalo (Gianluigi Trovesi, arrangement Corrado Guarino)


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