1/60 - Cell 1 - My first ringtone!


My first composition for cell phone! Click play to listen, and click on "1/60 - Cell 1" to go to last.fm and download the file. If your cell phone accepts mp3 ringtones, you should manage to use this one easily (check your manual...)

Jean-François Charles1/60 - Cell 1

Maybe you recognize these bells: I just extracted them from 1/60 - Aria. You can listen again to the Aria:

Jean-François Charles1/60 - Aria

Each bell has its own sound

cow bells

In the Alps, each bell is different. There is a chance component in the process of fabrication that makes each sound unique. The sound depends also on the beater you use. In this recording, to stay within the theme of 1/60 (human / machine, natural / artificial), I produced artificial bell sounds, and I tried to give each bell a slightly different character. I used a physical modeling audio software, that enabled me to modify the "material" of the bells, and other parameters, such as how the beater bounces on the bell to create ornamentation.

Physical modeling synthesizers

cell 1 jean-francois charles

Even if physical model synthesizers used to be reserved to a small circle of initiated people (I was first introduced to Ircam's Modalys), it is no longer the case, and today, you may also play with:

There are also hardware products:

Pictures under Creative Commons license: phone by aussiegal , cow bells by Danforth1


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