1/60 - Aria

Do you remember the 60/60 composition project?

I am thrilled to dedicate the first minute to Katherine Lee, who chose in the original list the CD Bach: The Goldberg Variations 1955 Performance: Zenph Re-performance.

Here is my composition, titled Aria. Click play to listen:

  Creative Commons License

Music, humans, and machines

Zenph Bach Gould CD In the CD that Katherine offered me, the version of the Goldberg Variations raises many questions. The piano plays by itself: it is a Yamaha Disklavier Pro. The Zenph team prepared a high resolution MIDI version of Glenn Gould's famous 1955 interpretation, and recorded the electronically driven piano. They even produced a concert during which the piano played by itself Glenn Gould's interpretation.
But the best is here: what do you think about this quote from the booklet?

"In effect, a long-dead pianist can now give live performances or make recordings of interpretations that are still recognizably his."

Speaking about humans and machines making music, you have to watch Toyota's Partner Robot playing trumpet. Yes, it is a real robot playing a real trumpet!
Here is a picture of a whole Toyota band performing at 2005 World Expo in Japan:

robots toyota trumpet trombone

Update on the 60/60 project

First of all, let me thank all of you who have taken part to this exciting project! Today, January 13th, I have received 10 presents, and it is a real treat to be surprised and challenged by your choices and comments. I will compose the next minutes for flute, a recorded poem, electroacoustic music, and maybe live electronics. More on that later...

To participate, visit the 60/60 composition project FAQs.


Did you hear the Boston T, the Seoul railway station, the Erhu, and the Indian bus? It's the first time I use samples under a Creative Commons license. All samples come from The Freesound project, and here is the attribution list. Feel free to click to hear the original sounds, and learn more about them.


  1. i love this, jean-francois! thank you so much for composing the aria! i'm honored to be part of this project. looking forward to hearing the rest!



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