Bleu 1 - Remix your own version

Tonight, Saturday December 15th, I will diffuse Bleu 2 on the 30 speakers of the Hydra Loudspeaker Orchestra.

The mixing consoles driving the Hydra:

Hydra mixing consoles

As I already mentioned in my post Bleu 2 - electronic music - transcription, I composed the electronic music for Bleu 2 using as source material only Bleu 1, a set of three clarinet improvisations (well, clarinet in its extended meaning: bass clarinet, basset-horn, and contrabass clarinet). No other sample, nor synthesizers of any kind, but only sound processing of the original recordings.
My additional constraint has been to make Bleu 2 the same duration as Bleu 1.

Feel free to remix

Now, you can listen to Bleu 1, download the files, and make your own remix. You can also listen to each of the parts while looking at Miró's corresponding painting.

Creative Commons License These 3 improvised miniatures are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

You can listen to Bleu 2, my "remix" of Bleu 1, from my post From Bleu 2 to Bleu 3, as well as here:


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