60/60 - Join the Creation!

60/60 is an invitation to take part in my new composition project. I will compose 60 minutes of music, partly inspired by you and by a present you offer me.

Make a present - Receive a minute of music

The process is very simple:

  • You make me a present from my amazon wish list (see below)
  • I produce one minute of music
  • The music is dedicated to you (you may stay anonymous if you wish)
  • I e-mail the music to you (if you leave your e-mail address)
  • I tell the story about the gift and the composition on this blog
  • I make the music available here, too

Today, there are 60 gifts on my list. At the end of the project, I will have composed one hour of music.

Here is the list:

Update June 14th, 2010
It's time for me to put this list off-line. You may still participate in the project. Feel free to make a gift of your own choice.


What kind of music will you produce?

The music will feature various ensembles: solo instruments, electronic music, chamber music, film music, MIDI instruments, improvisation, live electronics. If necessary, I will organize the rehearsals and recording session to get the minute of music recorded. I may also produce the music with electronic means.

How will I influence the music that you will write?

You will influence the music in several ways:

  • The present you choose will influence the music, from the instrumentation to the actual sounds
  • What you let me know about you, about why you choose this particular present, will have an influence
  • Let me know about your relation to music in general, that will also influence me. For instance, artists that you like, moments when you listen to music, the last concert you attended, if you play an instrument, etc.

Will you release a CD with the one-hour cycle?

Well, no one knows when the project will be finished, and if CDs will still exist then... In any case, I will make the music freely available on this blog.

What will be the copyright of the produced work?

The recorded music will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License

I will certainly keep the rights on the possible scores.

I want to participate, what shall I do?

  1. Choose an item in my wishlist, and buy it through amazon. I chose amazon, so you can be confident in the service. Choose what you like! The gift you choose will strongly influence the music I will compose, reflecting ultimately your own choice!
  2. In the comments when you buy on amazon, feel free to include your name, and to let me know why/how you choose the present. Include your e-mail if you want me to inform you when the new minute of music is produced.
  3. Let me know if you want to stay anonymous on the list of benefactors associated with the music. In that case, I will mention only your initials.

How much does it cost?

The items on the wish list range from $8.99 to $139.97 (today, 6.13 to 95.41 Euros) if you buy them new on amazon. You can also buy through 3rd party merchants, then the prices range from $1.86 to $64.59! (today, 1.27 to 44.03 Euros!) Feel free to buy a used item if you wish.

Have you already composed the music?

No! That's the point of this new project. I want to be influenced by the present, by what you tell me about you or about the present. I will compose the 60 minutes in the order I receive the presents, and that will be the final order for the whole cycle.

When will the project be finished?

One month after I receive the last of the 60 presents. Note that I have no idea about when the 60 presents will be gone.

What kind of presents are eligible?

Any present from my amazon wish list. You can buy it through amazon or through 3rd-party amazon merchants

Can I offer a used item?

Yes, you can do so from my amazon wish list.

How do I send the gift to you?

You don't have to send it. Amazon will send the gift to me automatically, as long as you purchase it from my wish list.

What happens if I pay for a present and you don't receive it?

I am very confident in amazon, especially when buying directly from them. I am also confident in amazon 3rd party merchants. If a problem were to happen, you would NOT have to buy it a second time! I will take care of the problem.

I can see less than 60 presents on the list, is it normal?

Yes. The presents already offered are taken out of the list, with a delay of up to several days.


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