Petrified @ SPLICE Festival 2020

Announcement, announcement! Bassist Will Yager and I are performing at the SPLICE Festival this Friday night!

I'm thrilled with the concert program: it includes works by composers Alexandra Gardner, Mary Lou Williams, Christopher Poovey, Caroline Louise Miller, Michael Flynn, and the Schuette<>Sommerfeldt Duo.
I'm looking forward to hearing the impressive line-up of performers, from Kyle Jones to Mark Michelli, from Robin Meiksins to Sam Wells and Noa Even. Find their bios on the concert page.

Will and I are performing Petrified, for double bass & live electronics, a reflection on the plastic nature of rocks. The University of Iowa engineer James Edel did a great job at recording, filming, and editing the video. I hope you'll be able to watch & listen. The videos are going to be streamed on the SPLICE facebook page. And make sure you check out the complete festival program - personally, I wouldn't miss any of the concerts!

Update: the score and Max patch for Petrified, version for double bass & live electronics, are available for purchase.


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