Residente and Ute Lemper

Here are two albums I have listened to a lot in 2018: Residente's first album and Ute Lemper's Paris Days, Berlin Nights.

I found Residente's music very fresh and inspiring. The Residente album (amazon link) is truly Third Stream music: he didn't limit himself to mixing influences from around the world, but he really managed to invite musicians from different cultures to give their best and be part of a new sound.

Ute Lemper is a wonderful performer. Paris Days, Berlin Nights is excellent, not just because of the singer, but also thanks to the arrangements crafted by composer and conductor Stefan Malzew. He arranged the whole repertoire for string quartet, bass, and either accordion, piano, or clarinet. The refinement of the string writing is among the very best that you'll find in such a cabaret or song context: Stefan Malzew came up with a very imaginative and beautiful variety of timbres.

I hope you have a chance to listen to this music, and you have a good time!


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