Passage rehearsals

We just had a great run of rehearsals last week with percussionist Maxime Échardour.

Maxime really enjoyed the sound of the bells built from recycled materials by musician & maker Van Hien Bui:

Van-Hien also built a cimbalom that Maxime is going to play:

The list of instruments featured for the première will look like:

  • vibraphone with motor (3 octaves is enough)
  • 3 toms
  • tam
  • 4 DIY bells, tuned to C#, D, G, F# (left to right for the performer)
  • a F# Thai gong
  • a F# ancient cymbal - crotale
  • a DIY cimbalom and a DIY mono string instrument
  • hidden behind the cimbalom on the pic below, an electronic Farfisa F326 keyboard!
  • no bongos: we ended-up not using the ones on the pic below.

For the Chanson section, 4th part of the score, I wrote out a possible realization just for Maxime to play mainly on the vibraphone:


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