Saxophone & Live Electronics @ Electrocution 2015

Composer Julien Vincenot will be in Brest at the end of this week, for the electro[]cution interactive music festival, organized by the Ensemble Sillages. Saxophonist extraordinaire Stéphane Sordet will perform Julien's composition silent_data_corrupt during the Electrolib concert on Friday, March 27th.

Excerpt from the first page of the score.

Julien Vincenot composed this work for alto saxophone and live computer (appellation by the composer) during his Cursus year at Ircam. Here is the video of the premiere, with saxophonist Nikita Zimin:

I'm looking forward to meeting with Julien again - last time was during last year's July 2015 Prisma meeting at Ircam.


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