Accordion & Live Electronics @ Electrocution 2015

Accordionist Céline Rivoal, a teacher at Brest conservatory, is passionate about new music, written or improvised. During the electrocution festival, on Friday, March 27th, Céline is playing the French première of Testo, by Composer Davide Ianni. This piece is written for accordion & live electronics, with quadrophonic sound projection. Note that this composition used to be called Forme in Scia - you may listen to a recording in Davide Ianni's Listening Room.

Davide studied with Joshua Fineberg, a great composer and connoisseur of spectral music. You can hear this in Davide's music, with his careful attention to timbre, to how the electronics and the live accordion fade in and out of each other. Davide programmed the live electronics are made with Max.

Accordion explained to composers

Davide worked with accordionist Luca Piovesan. Download his free e-book: accordion4composers. He also just released a new album: Luca Piovesan - Sul Tasto( link).


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