For a better teaching

Harvard recently kicked off a new initiative for better teaching. As a music educator, I feel very much concerned by the quality of teaching, and I feel very lucky to have been working with great mentors at Harvard. In Professor Heller's Physics of Music & Sound course, the teaching staff were working hard to make the class engaging and efficient. For instance, we were using methods with great records of success, such as peer-instruction and live student response systems ("clickers").

Since I was recruited in the Conservatoire du Pays de Montbeliard, I've been working on improving the art & science connections around. I've been impressed to see so many talents in the area: in universities, high schools, public and private organizations; but a lack of communication between people prevents the emergence of real creative breakthroughs. After recent invigorating talks, I'm confident great multimedia projects are going to crystalize in the next months.

Thinking about Harvard and about making connections, I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to come out of the Harvard i-lab. For sure, there will be lessons to be learnt, and I hope some of them will help a better teaching.

Entrepreneurship 101: download the presentation from the i-lab learn page.

Speaking of musicians and student engagement, let me mention my friend Ryan Banagale. Check out the trailer for his new course: From Stage To Screen: A Musical Transformation.


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