Carlos Caires: Irin & microsound

Composer Carlos Caires has been a friend of mine for several years, and even more since Fall 2009, when we taught together at Shanghai Conservatory. Carlos is a professor at the Escola Superior de Música in Lisboa.

One of his long term projects has been the development of a micromontage software tool : Irin. He conceived this tool for his own use, in order to compose the music he had in his mind. It is a great reason to develop a new tool, and it is a very traditional approach in music making. Johann Sebastian Bach was acting alike when he was working on new refinements in organs, for instance: he was working on tools to make the music closer to what he had in mind.

Spectral slicing in Irin

Carlos made me the honor of using a spectrally-based slicing tool of mine inside the most recent version of Irin :

I encourage you to check out Carlos Caires's music, for instance his Duetto for piano & live electronics, recently recorded by pianist Ana Telles.


  1. Salutations, esteemed Jean-François Charles,

    Where I could acquire the most recent version of Irin?


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