Max/MSP: programming guide for artists

During Expo '74 in Brooklyn, New-York, it was great to meet again with composer Francisco Colasanto. But Francisco is much more than a composer, starting with being currently the technical coordinator of the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) .

If you are interested in programming interactive music, especially in the software package Max MSP, I encourage you to check out his book: Max/MSP: programming guide for artists ( This first volume helps artists getting started with visual programming in the Max MSP environment. On the book's web site, you will find all of the "patches" illustrating the tutorials.

Francisco is currently working on the second volume, an e-book including tutorial videos: it will be one more great addition to the electronic music litterature.

To know more about Francisco and this book, make sure you read his interview on cycling74 web site.

Finally, discover on the following video Francisco Colasanto's work Baile for contrabass clarinet and live electronics, as performed by clarinetist Marco Mazzini:


  1. Dear Jean-Francois thanks for this...was very nice to meet you in NY. Best

  2. Just had a listen/watch to Baile by F.Colasanto. It’s lovely!


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