Multiphonic series & glissando : the fingerings

Following up on last week's clarinet multiphonic sound video, here are the fingerings for the multiphonic series:

clarinet multiphonic series fingerings

And for the combined multiphonic sound and glissando:

clarinet multiphonic fingering


  1. Hi,

    About the multiphonic glissando fingering, do you have to gradually release any key, reduce lip pressure or anything for the glissando to happen?


    Khoi Dang


  2. Dear Khoi,
    Thanks for the question. The glissando is obtained without changing the key (no gradual movement from the fingers, for instance). I use mostly changing the throat opening - something alike to changing from a vowel like "ee" in "bee" to a deeper vowel like "ea" in "heart".
    I know that some clarinet players think about lip when it comes to glissandi. I learnt with clarinetist Armand Angster, and his technique never uses lips - it is really based on the inner opening of the throat.
    Hope that helps.


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