Start the year with a cool synth

For many musicians, January is the month of the NAMM show. Although NAMM means National Association of Music Merchants, they also call themselves the International Music Products Association, and the trade show is really an international event.

Let's start the year 2011 with a cool synth, the OMG-1:

OMG-1 synth

This synth was built and presented by Eric Persing. It won't be a commercial product, but a prize in a competition to be announced. The instrument features true analog synthesis (a Moog Little Phatty), digital synths (a Mac mini is inside the case), keyboards and touch surfaces (here, 2 iPads and 2 iPods): there is little doubt that more than a musician will work with some kind of similar set-up in 2011!


  1. I'm kinda wondering how heavy that thing is...

  2. You're right, I guess it's more of a stay-at-home instrument. Although one would like to show such a beast! Many tour rigs are quite heavy, so it all comes down to one's definition of "too heavy".


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