Electroclarinet 1 this Friday

Looking for the studio album? Visit www.electroclarinet.com

Clarinetist and clarinet teacher Rebecca Pourchot will be performing Electroclarinet 1 during a concert in Montbéliard on Friday, February 4th. She did a great job at performing both the Bb clarinet and the live electronics. One of the main ideas behind the Electroclarinet is to have the performer play as organically as possible both the clarinet and the sound processing, as electric guitar players are used to doing so well!

An excerpt of the draft score:

electroclarinet 1 score excerpt

Concert is at 8:30 p.m. in the "Palot" concert hall. Hope to see you there! You'll also hear music by composers Daniele Segre Amar & Lorenzo Bianchi, and by students of the conservatory composition program.


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