Prisma meeting - Summer 2010

Prisma stands for International Pedagogy and Research on Assisted Musical Systems. This summer, this group of composers, musicians, and software developers is meeting from July 2nd to 5th at Ircam in Paris.

Participants include:

Ircam in the back of the Stravinsky fountain.

My talk this year: the Physics of Music & Sound

Last year, my talk was entitled Ableton Live for Live Electronics. I compared Ableton Live to Max 5, highlighting what was easier to realize using one or the other piece of software, in the context of composing for classical instruments and live electronic music. I also talked about Logic Pro, since most of the "live electronic music" capabilities used by many composers are also implemented inside Logic Pro's environment.

This year, I'm going to present several dimensions of the Harvard course The Physics of Music & Sound:

  • Max 5 patches I developed for the course
    a generator of partials, a model of a siren, and an application to play with and understand better formants
  • Inharmonicity of low piano strings
    a homework assignment in which students have to determine which piano is the biggest through a spectral analysis of low note samples
  • Clarinet multiphonics
    I've been working on a new homework assignment studying clarinet multiphonic and subtone sounds. I'll give a glimpse of that work-in-progress.


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