Harvard's Search for a Composition Professor

When I arrived at Harvard as a Graduate Student, the only tenured composition professor was Julian Anderson. After his resignation, a new search for composers started, and the committee selected 6 final candidates. Chaya Czernowin is now a professor here. The other composers invited for an interview where:

Hans Tutschku, who was an assistant professor is now a tenured professor in composition, as well.

In the Fall of 2009, the Harvard music department circulated the following ad, starting the search for a third senior composer:

The Department of Music seeks to appoint a tenured professor in composition. We invite applications from composers rooted in the American scene, who represent a broad range of aesthetics and backgrounds and who will reach out to other creative artists at Harvard and beyond. The appointment is expected to begin on July 1, 2011. Teaching duties will include the equivalent of four courses a year at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A strong doctoral record or a proven track record of excellence in instruction at the university level is required. (...)

As part of this search, five colloquiums have just been announced (more may be scheduled). The guests are...

Update 03/22/2010: I was asked to take the information off this blog. I was actually not aware that this information was not officially public. I hope I didn't cause any trouble to the candidates.


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