Listen to Viola palustris

Here is the live recording of this Alea III concert, when they premiered my composition Viola palustris.

Listen while watching this slide show with pictures by composer Phivos-Angelos Kollias.

A slide show put together by soloist Alan Lenarcic

Or if you prefer, Viola palustris on

The musicians

The amazing soloist Alan Lenarcic was accompanied by Alea III, conducted by Theodore Antoniou:

  • Flute: Sue-Ellen Herschman-Tcherepnin
  • Oboe: Jane Harrison
  • Clarinet: Diane Heffner
  • Bassoon: Janet Underhill
  • Horn: Laura Carter
  • Trombone: Denis Lambert
  • Percussion: Thomas Schmidt and Philip Trembley
  • Piano: Yukiko Shimazaki
  • Violins: Irina Muresanu and Iman Khosrowpour
  • Viola: Anne Black
  • Cello: Mark Simcox
  • Double Bass: Irving Steinberg

Thanks to all of the artists for your awesome commitment, and congratulations for getting this great result in just 1h30 of rehearsal time!


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