Bleu 3 - George Arthur Knight Prize

bleu 3 piano mug

I took the picture on the left during the dress rehearsal for the premiere of Bleu 3. The mug is used to play glissandi in the piano part, as you can see on this excerpt:

bleu 3 score for clarinet violin cello piano

Bleu 3 is a quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, linked in several ways to Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time. In June 2008, it was awarded the George Arthur Knight Prize by the Harvard Music Department.

Students who recently received the prize include:

bleu 3 piano

Purchase the score of Bleu 3 on
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  1. Congrats! Oh, is that score excerpt in C? if so that D# up there for the clarinet is really something! Anyhow, great blog posts as usual.

  2. Thanks, Michael. No, it's a transposed score. This D# is still something, but definitely more reachable!

  3. Great piece, Jean-Francois! And also a lovely performance :-)

  4. Thanks Matthias! Yes, the performers were very good, and committed to the music. That was a real treat to work with them during the rehearsals!


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