Orchestre Lyrique de Région Avignon-Provence in danger

OLRAP Orchestre Lyrique Region Avignon Provence

I just received an e-mail from Didier Breuque, a friend and clarinet player in the Orchestre Lyrique de Région Avignon Provence (OLRAP). He calls for help because the orchestra is in a very difficult financial situation and is in need of more support by French cultural institutions, sponsors or patrons. The call was also relayed by the Cahiers de la Musique Classique.

The OLRAP is more than a lyric orchestra: the versatility, curiosity, and involvement of the musicians has enabled them to perform a wide repertoire, from baroque to symphonic repertoire to contemporary creation. They notably performed the premières of two works of mine: Nigritella nigra for clarinet and string quartet (in 1998) and Helianthus musca for ensemble (in 1999). The current musical director is the American conductor Jonathan Schiffman.

I'm sure they would appreciate your help: you need only sign the on-line petition Save the Orchestre Lyrique Région Avignon-Provence (French only).

A few CDs featuring the orchestra...


You can now learn more about this orchestra: they have a brand new blog about the current problems.


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