14/60 - Alive Hic

Ken Ueno is a great musician, an outstanding composer, and an amazing educator. I am thrilled to announce that the 14th minute of the composition project 60/60 is dedicated to him. Thank you Ken for your participation to the project, and for your great gift: Derek Bailey's book Improvisation - Its Nature and Practice in Music.

An active Composer in Red Sneakers, Ken Ueno is now Assistant Professor at University of California, Berkeley.

The miniature 14/60 is called Alive Hic; you can listen to it and download the file on last.fm. The performers are Vincent Daoud and Yuji Noguchi, two members of the group Hic and nunc. They were recorded in Lausanne, Switzerland. The composition process went like that:

  • I sent the performers a sonorous score based on an improvisation night Ken and I (a.o.) had around Boston.
  • Vincent and Yuji played imitations and reactions to the sonorous score.
  • Finally, the quick editing and sound processing was my first attempt at using and learning Ableton Live.

Improvisation and teaching

If you are interested in improvisation and education, make sure you check out these surprising Derek Bailey videos. Pay attention to Robert Levin, currently professor at Harvard.

Red Sneakers picture by Daniel Y. Go (Creative Commons License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic).


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