The Man With The Movie Camera - New Score

Last Sunday, April 27th, the Dudley House Big Band performed a brand new score to The Man With The Movie Camera. The first short feature was The Great Train Robbery, with a new score performed by the Dudley House Improvisation Workshop.

The concert took place in Paine Hall, Harvard Music Department. Nicolas Sidoroff - trumpeter, composer, and educator, was invited by Dudley House for this exciting project.

Edwin S. Porter's The Great Train Robbery (1903)

In 1993, I played clarinet in Nicolas's first version of this score (for 5 horns.) Last Sunday, we played a great updated version, with:

  • Clarinet: Jean-François Charles
  • Trumpet: Nicolas Sidoroff
  • Tenor Sax: Michael Heller
  • Baritone Sax: Alan Lenarcic
  • Piano: Nathan Fosse
  • Upright Bass: Nathan Haselby
  • Drums: Ben Stanton

It was a real treat to play with such awesome musicians!

Dziga Vertov's The Man With The Movie Camera (1929)

Dziga Vertov's 1929 masterpiece pulses with a boundless energy, and the virtuoso performance of camera and editing techniques was only matched by the involvement of the musicians.


  • Voice: Mariam Nazarian
  • Alto Sax: Kimberly August
  • Alto Sax: Jillian DeMair
  • Clarinet and Alto Sax: Lisa Rosenfeld
  • Tenor Sax: Eric Diebold
  • Flute, Clarinet and Tenor Sax: Marlene Cohen
  • Baritone Sax: Aaron Silberstein
  • Trumpet: Stephen Furqueron
  • Trumpet: Gary smiley
  • Trumpet: Evan Biela
  • Trombone: Ethan Fenn
  • Trombone: Rob Cautillo
  • Sousaphone: Alan Lenarcic
  • Guitar: Jonathan Buonocore
  • Piano: Nathan Fosse
  • Bass: Eric Leibensperger
  • Drums: Sven Seuken


The complete score consists in:

  • The Eye-Opener (JF Charles / N Sidoroff)
  • 29' Printemps '29 (N Sidoroff)
  • Wake' N' Wash (N Sidoroff)
  • The City Is Not Mine (JF Charles)
  • Weddingorce (Kimberly August / Alan Lenarcic / JF Charles / N Sidoroff)
  • Dark Lips (JF Charles)
  • Dark Eyes (Traditional / JF Charles)
  • Workegy (N Sidoroff)
  • 1st KinoPlaiz (N Sidoroff)
  • 2nd KinoPlaiz (N Sidoroff)
  • re1st KinoPlaiz (N Sidoroff)
  • re2nd KinoPlaiz (N Sidoroff)
  • Bublitchki (Traditional / JF Charles)
  • Take The "V" Train (JF Charles)

Thanks to Jim Hogle, Doreen M. Hogle, Susan Zawalich, Chad Conlan, the team of the Dudley Fellows, and Ean White, for their support. Above, Nicolas Sidoroff and half the screen during the set-up, Sunday morning around 11 a.m.


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