Film Score Recording Session at Berklee

berklee film scoring stand

At this time a week ago, I was playing contrabass clarinet at the Berklee College of Music. I was taking part in the recording session for this soundtrack, composed by David Gonzalez:

Contrabass clarinet

The music is very different than Carlina acaulis for contrabass clarinet and string quartet, or than Magma for contrabass clarinet, stones, and live electronics. Yes, the contrabass clarinet is a versatile instrument!


I appreciated Dave's professionalism. And I speak not only musical composition to fit the image, but also communication with the performers and the sound engineer, layout of the parts, schedule, preparation of the session in Digital Performer. He handled these tasks smoothly, and all the musicians enjoyed the session.
"Aptitude versus Attitude" says Robert Kraft.

I was also glad to play in Berklee's Film Scoring studio. The school has wonderful facilities. There are great studios, and I like how they are designed for both production and teaching.


Jean-François Charles's Facebook profileA month before the recording session, Dave used Facebook to find a contrabass clarinet player. Yet another example of how web-based social networks may translate into real experiences and more music.


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