Dudley Third Stream - Call to Composers

As from September, I will be leading the Dudley Big Band, as well as another group, the Dudley Third Stream.

This latter group will feature:

  • String quartet (2 violins, viola, cello)
  • Upright bass

And possibly:

  • Electric guitar with multi-effects
  • Winds to be determined, members of the Big Band or not:
    • flute
    • clarinet (if it's me, possibly doubling bass, contrabass, etc.)
    • sax(s) (anybody playing the soprano out there?)
    • flugelhorn
    • horn
    • bassoon
  • Percussion (possibly multi-percussion, "ethnic" instruments, and why not jazz drums)
  • Possibility of live electronics

If you want to compose or experiment a piece at the border between notation and improvisation, classical and jazz, serious and fun, it is the place to come!
Examples of projects:

  • written piece for the strings, a solo wind improviser
  • collective improvisation with directions
  • arrangement of an existing piece of music (plain chant, classical, pop music or other...)
  • piece featuring a special guest or yourself (turntables, didgeridoo, musical saw, etc.)
  • your own project!

If you like the idea and want to propose a project, contact me!
Also, if you would be interested in playing , let me know. If a musician might be interested, feel free to forward her/him this message.

Thank you for your time,


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