Jamshid Jam Fall Tour 2023

September 8: theory & musicology colloquium, University of Iowa. Thank you colleagues, and Sarah Suhadolnik for the pictures!

September 11: University of Nebraska, Omaha. Thank you music technologist Seth Shafer!

September 12: Iowa State University, Ames. Thank you astromusicologist Ritwik Banerji!

September 15: Impromptu Fest, High Concept Labs, Chicago. Thank you pianist and composer Amy Wurtz, pianist Marianne Parker, composer Ben Zucker, cellist Alyson Berger, photographer Andy Yau for the pictures, and everyone at New Music Chicago!

September 22: Stanley Museum of Art, University of Iowa. Thank you curator of learning & engagement Kimberly Datchuk, and everyone at the Stanley - we love this museum!

We hope to see you today at the Stanley, 6:30-8pm!


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