Dance Gala 2022

Three years after my last appearance on the Hancher stage, I am thrilled to take part in a new Dance Gala production.
Choreographer Armando Duarte invited composer Ramin Roshandel to write a new piece for his dance work. The result combines electronic and acoustic sounds. The musicians are:

Armando Duarte introduces the piece Espaldar:
Espaldar translates from Portuguese to English as “the back of a chair.” Inspired by images from late 1940s, and based on personal stories, Espaldar is a self-reflection to where we are at this moment in humanity... a contemplation on the significance of individuals interacting within each other in a secluded environment under strenuous external circumstances.

The cast is a wonderful group of eight dancers. I hope you can make it to one of the shows: Friday, Nov 11 and Saturday, Nov 12, 8pm, Hancher Auditorium.


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