Petrified: double bass & live electronics

Petrified is a composition for double bass and live electronics. Bassist Will Yager premiered the piece during our Spring 2019 Laptop Orchestra concert. In this first version, I performed the live electronic processing live. Will asked me to prepare a standalone version that he could take on the road. Here is a screenshot of the live audio processing interface:

In this work, the electronics consist of two layers:

  • live spectral processing of the double bass, including pitch shifting, frequency shifting, noise shaping, etc.
  • multi-playhead sampler, applied to sound sampled at different points during the piece.

These sonic layers are also mixed with the direct sound of the instrument, and sent to a delay and two reverb lines.

Tonight, Will is performing Petrified with the standalone live electronics, during the Electronic Music Studio concert, Stark Studio, Voxman Building, 7:30.

Update: the score and Max patch for Petrified, version for double bass & live electronics, are available for purchase.


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