Prisma Meeting - Summer 2018

This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting my friends and colleagues from the Prisma group. The conference was held at Ircam, the Institute for Research and Coordination on Acoustics and Music.

Örjan Sandred presented his string quartet, Jean Bresson shared his work beyond Open Music: o7, Jacopo Baboni Schilingi presented his recent projects, asking why would there be no composer in a fashion store?. Andrea Agostini showed the developments in the bach assisted composition library for Max, before Hans Tutschku showed applications of the bach project, when linked to Max, the Kontakt sampler, and more software tools. There were also interesting presentations by Vincent Iampietro, Michele Tadini and Sami Naslin, as well as Giorgio Sancristoforo.

I presented the Live Geometry durational performance, as well as how we used the Axoloti platform for New Musical Instruments.

The presentation that generated the most vivid discussions was given by artist and developper Cyrille Henry about hardware sound synthesis. He demonstrated great synthesizers of his, and showed the advantages of working with dedicated musical hardware rather than using a computer for sound synthesis. Make sure you visit his company's website: nozoïd.


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