Scratch at NIME 2017

I'm thrilled to announce that Flutist Margaret Lancaster performs Scratch at NIME 2017, the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference. The performance takes place on Tuesday, May 16 at 8PM, at KoncertKirken Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 København N.

"..... Touched....." Concert Program

Scratch Program Notes

for melodic instrument & live electronics
Jean-François Charles, 2016-2017
Homage to Karlheinz Stockhausen & Grandmaster Flash

This composition is inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s work Solo, for melodic instrument and tape delay, and by Grandmaster Flash’s innovative techniques, which helped transform the turntable into a musical instrument.
In Vinko Globokar’s 1969 recording of Solo, Stockhausen scratched, braked, and cut sounds on tape. A few years later, Flash modified his audio mixer to improve the tactile interaction with vinyl records.
Both have always been curious of new technological developments, and have built on existing technology in order to reach their artistic goals.
This composition is a means to share the act of music making with a creative performer. Many thanks to Margaret Lancaster for bringing her enthusiasm and musical experience to this project.

Scratch Delay

Here is a presentation of the delay I created to perform this composition.


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